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Front Design – Swedish Experimentation With Nature

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Front Design – Swedish Experimentation With Nature

Front Design – Swedish is an experimental design studio based in Stockholm, Sweden that frequently challenges traditional approaches to product creation while using natural motifs and materials in its products – like their latest creation, Starfall.The designers collaborate and work as a collective during every step of the design process, including collaborative discussions and decisions-making as a group. Furthermore, they aim to tell interesting and unexpected narratives with their works.

Founded by Anna Lindgren & Sofia Lagerkvist

Front Design – Swedish studio founded by Anna Lindgren and Sofia Lagerkvist, where their works focus on discussions, explorations and experiments through joint conversations between them both. Their designs often tell a tale about their design process or materials used, design conventions or even animals or machines being involved in its making process.

Some of their work captures moments in time, like their Designed by Animals collection which incorporates animal marks and trails into furniture designs, while other works respond as people move or light up nearby – these reactive works change appearance as people interact with them or move nearby.Front’s work has garnered widespread acclaim, and is found in leading art collections worldwide. Additionally, they have collaborated with major manufacturers such as Moroso, Moooi and Kartell.

Taking inspiration from nature

Anna Lindgren and Sofia Lagerkvist, front designers, have an affinity for taking inspiration from nature in the form of furniture and fabric that mimics its forms: rocks, trees and even moss! Their use of 3D scanning and foam milling helps recreate an illusion of natural settings.Designers also explore the creative process and conventions of design. Animals may sometimes help out when needed to produce bizarre objects that blur the line between art and design.

Moroso Furniture by Design by Nature uses wilderness elements such as moss-covered rocks and snowdrifts as footstools, part of an ongoing investigation of creativity found among animals and plants. Documenting nature through drawings and photographs allows designers to study it for patterns, shapes and textures which might be applied as design components.

Taking inspiration from technology

Front’s explorations and experiments draw their inspiration from various forms of technology. Their designers have utilized 3D scanning techniques to study lakes, forests, rocks, animal tracks, iden and mosses and to capture their textures and forms. Furthermore, Front has experimented with motion capture systems which enable users to control designs with their bodies alone.

Front has created an appealing collection of design objects that straddle the line between art and design, garnering them international acclaim from designers all around the globe – clients such as Moroso, Porro, Moooi, Established & Sons and Kvadrat have worked with Front. Their experimental approach has garnered them widespread acclaim; clients include Moroso, Porro, Moooi and Kvadrat are just a few. Furthermore, Front’s works often communicate an interesting story either about design processes or conventions within design fields; even animals have creative input through their Design by Animals collection!

Taking inspiration from fashion

Front is an internationally-recognized design studio located in Stockholm that has gained immense international renown for their designs that blur the line between interior design and art. They experiment with visual effects to push conventions while often featuring animals, physics or organic forms in their pieces – such as Nature Furniture project which explores these shapes and patterns of natural environments.

The designers behind this collection use photo scanning and 3D modeling techniques to recreate natural rock formations, moss growths, and plants from nature. In collaboration with textile experts they also produced digitally printed fabrics and jacquards.

Front’s seating solution, known as Rock Root Chairs, serves a similar function while taking inspiration from rocks or tree roots for design inspiration. His dedication and meticulous research can also be seen in other projects such as his Doodle sofa which utilizes drawings on its upholstery for decoration.

Taking inspiration from film

Anna Lindgren and Sofia Lagerkvist of Sweden have become some of the country’s most successful design exporters with their unique, inventive style that draws influence from nature into their work. Playing with visual effects to create poetic worlds that surprise and unnerve audiences alike is central to their design process, often including even employing animals such as rats or snakes for experimental design processes.

Lindgren and Lagerkvist used various sources to gather inspiration for their latest wilderness-inspired collection, using 3D scanning and sketching to document shapes and forms from mossy forests, rocky terrain and seaside boulders – which they then digitally recreated into furniture pieces.The result was a collection of sofas, chairs and tables inspired by nature’s architecture; organic shapes and textures; the project also includes textiles produced by Febrik and Kvadrat.

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