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How to Select the Best RGB Gaming Keyboard

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How to Select the Best RGB Gaming Keyboard

To select the best RGB Gaming Keyboard, there are some things to consider. There are many options for gaming keyboards. HyperX, Corsair, Tesoro, and Logitech all make great products. Here, we will discuss each of their features. To help you choose a gaming keyboard, we also included reviews and comparisons of their prices. The HyperX Alloy Elite 2 is the best value for money and features a HyperX Red switch with low operating force and short pre-travel distance.


The Logitech RGB Gaming Keyboard is a mechanical keyboard that features red, blue, green and brown lights to add extra ambiance to your gameplay. These keyboards also have dedicated media keys and spill resistant construction, which is important for gamers who want to stay hydrated and not ruin their gaming keyboards. Logitech RGB gaming keyboards are available with customizable lighting settings and are compatible with gaming software. You can even customize the RGB lighting per key.

This gaming keyboard supports over 16.8 million colors. The LIGHTSYNC RGB technology makes it possible to assign different colors to each key, and it offers customizable lighting effects and presets to make gaming even more fun. The ultra-thin, durable profile allows gamers to customize their keyboards to match their gaming style. A dedicated USB cable makes it easy to charge and uses maximum power throughput. Its ten-key-less design makes it comfortable to use on your lap.


The Corsair RGB Gaming Keyboard comes with an iCUE software suite that enables you to program and manage your lighting. It also has system-wide lighting synchronization and features sophisticated macro programming. It has virtually unlimited customization options for the ultimate in gaming performance. If you’re on a budget, you can get the K65 RGB Platinum instead. It comes with a high-quality mechanical keyboard and a great selection of software programs.

The Corsair RGB Gaming Keyboard comes in two varieties: the entry-level K70 RGB, and the high-end K95 RGB. While the K70 RGB offers some of the same features as the K95 RGB, it is the mechanical keyboard that comes with more customizable options and a rainbow of colors. You can choose the color scheme that best suits your gaming style. The K95 RGB comes with a full N-Key rollover, which is great for gamers.


The HyperX Alloy FPS RGB is a high-performance gaming keyboard with RGB backlighting and exposed LEDs on the key switches. The RGB backlighting can be customized using the included HyperX NGenuity software. The compact design makes it ideal for small setups or space-constrained gaming areas. Its low profile also means that it doesn’t require increased sensitivity when using a mouse.

The HyperX Alloy FPS RGB is a fantastic gaming keyboard that features macro-programmable keys and a full RGB backlight. It also features a full-size keyboard with a NumPad. The FPS RGB also comes with a Windows-exclusive version called HyperX NGENUITY, which allows you to program keys in your own way. It also features a cloud-sync feature, so it can sync with your Windows Live account.


If you want a gaming keyboard that has a colorful backlighting, you might consider the Tesoro RGB Gaming Keyboard. The Tesoro keyboard’s RGB backlighting comes with 16.8 million colors, a high-quality RGB lighting system, and a variety of customization options. One notable feature of this keyboard is its per-key lighting, which allows you to change the color of each key. You can also set up a custom profile so that you can change your keyboard’s lighting to match your gaming style.

This keyboard is mostly plug-and-play, but it does require a few steps. You’ll need to download some configuration software from the Tesoro website. The Tesoro GUI is easy to navigate, with gray theme colors for the keyboard’s buttons. It’s not rocket science to use. It’s a great keyboard for gamers, so we highly recommend it. The price of this gaming keyboard is great for gamers.


The Apex 3 gaming keyboard is a budget-friendly option for serious gamers. It features dedicated multimedia controls, IP32 water resistance, and whisper-quiet gaming switches. Moreover, it comes with 10-zone RGB illumination, a premium magnetic wrist rest, and gaming-grade anti-ghosting technology. SteelSeries offers gaming keyboards that cater to all needs, from casual to professional. They are also available in a variety of color combinations and styles.

The SteelSeries RGB Gaming Keyboard has several benefits, starting from the customizable lighting effects to the ergonomic design of the keys. The RGB keyboard is designed with gamers in mind, offering optimal ergonomic comfort and 1.9mm key travel. The keyboard also features mechanical-level shielding technology, 100+ Backlighting Combinations, and high-grade silver-lined printed keys. Its Killer LAN technology also allows for maximum networking performance.

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