Elephant Pillow Protector

Elephant Pillow Protector

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Sobel Westex Elephant Pillow Protector

elephant pillow protector

Inspired by the cultural icon of India, this elephant pillow cover adds color and beauty to any room. The elephant has long been a symbol of the virtue of the forest, and the elephant pillow cover is made from 100% cotton fabric with reversible block printing. This pillow cover is playful and sophisticated at the same time. This elephant pillow cover is an excellent choice for children and grownups alike. The elephant design is available in various sizes, colors, and materials.

Sobel Westex

If you love the look of an elephant, but don’t have the money to buy a real elephant, you can get a high quality Sobel Westex elephant pillow protector. This cotton/polyester blend encasement is antibacterial, allergen-shielding, fully-breathable, and comfortable. It’s also a relatively inexpensive way to protect your investment in a high-end pillow without spending a ton of money. A Sobel Westex elephant pillow protector will cost about the same as a trendy cup of coffee!

Tapestry looms

A good pillow protector can be made from tapestry looms. These looms use Jacquard looms to produce a beautiful tapestry. The skilled craftsmen create beautiful textures, using more than fourteen thousand different yarns. You can make a pillow cover for your child using this type of loom. The end result is a beautiful pillow protector. Whether you want a pillow that looks like an elephant or a pillow cover with a safari scene, there’s a tapestry loom that can create it for you.

First of all, you can start by weaving the front side of the pillow cover. If you are a beginner, you may want to keep in mind that the warp strands will become tighter as you weave. You don’t want the weaving to bow in the middle. You can complete the front side of the pillow protector with one weaving and the back side with the other. This technique is known as an ‘over and under’ weave and is simple to execute.

Sobel at Home

Sobel at Home offers an excellent solution to protect your expensive pillows from damage. Made of breathable material, this pillow protector is antibacterial and offers a barrier against bacteria and allergens. Aside from looking beautiful, this protector protects your pillow from dust mites and other contaminants. It is also affordable and an excellent way to protect the investment you made in your luxury pillow. It costs less than the cost of a cup of trendy coffee!

You can wash and dry your pillow protector. Be sure to check with the manufacturer of your laundry equipment and the chemical company about the process that is recommended for the protector. However, washing the pillow often is not recommended. It should be washed in warm water without bleach or alkali, and dried at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. If you do choose to use the laundry machine, try to use the appropriate load capacity and wash separately from other textiles.

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